Review: Deeper We Fall by Chelsea M. Cameron

Book #1 in the Rise and Fall Series
Pub Date: January 25th 2013
All Night Reads
280 Pages

New Adult is a genre that I can definitely get behind. But I hadn’t read an NA title I really loved until Deeper We Fall. Lottie (Charlotte) Anders is by far one of the most flesh and bone characters that I have ever read. She is so vividly created that you feel you are going through every experience, emotion and conversation with her. From the first chapter you understand Lottie in a deeply profound way, and you wish you had her gumption, or in the least, you wish you could know her.

Leaving the party should have been easy. But that was when Lottie’s best friend Lexie was going to drive her own car home, instead of getting a ride from Zack Parker. Their was no way Lottie was getting in Zack’s truck, even after Zack’s much more sober brother Zan decided to drive, and their was no getting Lexie out. Two years later, Lottie and her twin brother Will are moving into their college residence when they come face to face with the last two people Lottie ever wanted to see again – the Parker brothers. While Zack seems unaffected by the permanent mental and physically damage the car accident caused Lexie, staying the cocky asshole he was two years ago, she can’t say Zan is the evil person she built him up to be.

Deeper We Fall is told in the alternating perspectives of Lottie and Zan. Lottie struggles with letting go of the guilt she carries for not being able to get Lexie out of the truck and the hatred for Zan that she built up. Zan knows that he is undeserving of having Lottie forgive him, or love him, in the way that he has loved her since long before the accident. Their individual internal struggles are extremely well crafted and represented, but how they help each other move past the past, is what makes the novel so compelling. A big theme throughout is that actions speak louder than words. The way that Lottie and Zan treat each other, the way they show their respect and love, while comprised of words, speaks volumes apart from what is actually written on the page. Cameron has truly crafted a beautiful relationship between Lottie and Zan that is realistic in its representation of how difficult it can be to forgive, but how worthwhile something can turn out to be when you take a chance.

I don’t know what I liked about this book the most – Lottie as a character, the amazingly hilarious relationship between Lexie and Will, complete with ‘twindar’ and a plethora of Star Wars references, or the literary references. It’s no wonder that the rest of the Rise and Fall series will be focused on different secondary characters from this first novel because they are so well constructed and real individual entities that the reader becomes invested in each and every one. I cannot wait to delve into Lottie's roommate Katie's story in Faster We Burn. If it is anywhere near as well written and enjoyable as Deeper We Fall, with as much character development, than I will be a very happy camper.

Nothing I can really say effectively represented how good this book was. I literally devoured it in one sitting. A definite must read.

***The novel contains a fair amount of adult content from language, to abuse, to sex – Recommended for a more mature reading audience.

Rating 10/10

*** I received a copy of this book from the publisher to read and honestly review. I was in no way compensated. 

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