About 'the adult'


I am a 20 something 'adult' with a penchant for reading teen fiction. For the last (at least) six years I have been asked why I like teen fiction considering the characters are younger than me and in a completely different stage of life than I am. But really, when you're an adult, how frequently do you find a novel you're interested in, with a character the same age, and in the same stage of life as you? I'm always offended when people ask me why I read teen fiction, as though the second you turn 18, teen books are somehow below you. I've tried reading mystery, fantasy, and sci-fi for 'adults', and after four years of an English Literature degree, I have read more classics than even I care to admit (you know those BBC surveys of the 100 books you should have read, but probably haven't, lets just say I ace that test). So my answer to people who ask me why I am so obsessed with teen fiction - why shouldn't I be? I love me some teen books more than just about anything else.

So why should you care what I have to say about books. Who knows. You may agree with my opinions, or I may hate your favourite book. But, hopefully I'll be able to introduce you to a title or an author you wouldn't have heard of, or given a chance to, otherwise.

So who am I?

My name is Laura and I am a librarian (seems fitting no?). I try to read at least 100 books a year, though my goal for 2014 is 150.  While I primarily read and review teen books, from time to time you'll see chick lit, women's fiction, new adult and some fantasy/sci-fi stuff. Basically my reviewing criteria is - if I read it, I may review it. The only genre I'm not a big fan of, and will (probably) never review, is horror. If you're an exclusive horror fan, my reviews are probably not for you.

I hope to have at least two new reviews up a week, and a new On My Wishlist every Saturday, where I highlight a previous published or upcoming title I'm excited about. The more info I learn about books, the more I will happily share. Happy reading everybody.

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