ARC Review: Three Broken Promises by Monica Murphy

Pub. Date: December 31st, 2013
Publisher: Bantam
304 pages

Synopsis from Goodreads:

Commitment. That’s what I really want from Colin. Ever since my brother, Danny, died in Iraq, Colin’s done so much to help me, including giving me a job at his popular restaurant so I can leave my crappy waitressing job at the strip joint. But lying in bed with him every night to comfort him from his horrible nightmares isn’t enough anymore. I know he feels guilty about Danny’s death, about not going to Iraq, but I can’t keep living this double life.

I love him desperately, but he’s got so many demons, and if he can’t open up to me now, then he’ll never be the real partner I need him to be. I gave him a month, and now I’m out of here. If he truly loves me like he says, he knows where to find me.

Disclaimer: I only read about half of Three Broken Promises.

From the beginning of the novel I wasn’t a fan of the characters. I found that the primary characters actions and their words in no way matched up. With neither being exceptionally honest, and with very little build up occurring in their relationship, I found I didn’t care how either was feeling, or honestly, how their story worked out. The further I got into the novel, the more frustrated I became with what I perceived as 'and then this happened, and then this happened' story telling. The flow felt disjointed, with very little happening for a while, and then too much being thrown at you all at once. My disinterest in the characters, and my feeling of too little development in their story may have been because I have not read the other books in the series – though it was my understanding that you could read this one without having read the Drew and Fable stories. For whatever reason, I lost interest pretty quickly, and I will not be attempt to pick this one up again.

 Rating – DNF

*** I received a copy of the novel from the publisher to read and honestly review. I was in no way compensated. 

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