Review: Finding It (Losing It #3) by Cora Carmack

Pub. Date: October 15th, 2013
Publisher: William Morrow Paperbacks
320 pages

My love for Cora Carmack’s books is almost annoying. I have yet to take more than a day to finish one of her novels because the characters are just so lovely and real, her writing style is so addictive, and I truthfully just cannot wait for the happy endings.

Jetting off to Europe after graduation, Kelsey wants to find experiences. She needs something that will shake things up and make her feel something real. But, after barhopping and adventure seeking all over Europe, loneliness sinks in, and Kelsey is no closer to finding something real than she was before her trip. It’s only when ex-Army Jackson Hunt walks into her life, pointing out that she can’t expect to have new experiences when every night is the same party in a different place, that Kelsey’s adventure really starts. In Italy, Kelsey and Hunt spend every waking minute together. But, she has to learn the hard way that sometimes, before you can appreciate any new, great experiences, you have learn how to handle your bad ones. 

I don’t know if it was the exotic settings, or the fact that I ultimately related to Kelsey so much more than I have to any of the previous Losing It characters, but Finding It is my favorite Carmack novel to
date. I wasn’t the biggest fan of Kelsey in book one. I found her perkiness came off fake. But, in Finding It, Kelsey is shown to be so much more than the happy-go-lucky character she seemed to be. As more of who Kelsey really is seeps through, I related to her more and more, seeing so much of my past experiences and myself in her growth. Her character is so relatable, and in a much more profound way than just being someone with the ability to put on a happy face when much more is going on below the surface. As Kelsey opens up to Hunt, dropping the persona, as a reader you truly feel the pride and high level of responsibility Hunt feels, knowing Kelsey trusts him enough to hold her secrets.

The relationship between Hunt and Kelsey, like Kelsey herself, grows and becomes more full as the novel continues. Their relationship is one of the best illustrations of two people bringing out the best in each other that I have read. They are so alike in their cautious, close guarded secretiveness, and so opposite in the way they way they outwardly present themselves. Yet they just work. They challenge each other, support each other, and love each other with such fierceness that you can’t help but get what can only be described as “the feels”.  Of course not everything can possibly ever be perfect, but I really liked how even in the hardest times, that they fight for each other, and for their relationship. Theirs is a straight up realistic relationship.

I just really loved this book. I can’t gush enough about how much I loved Kelsey and Hunt’s story. If you haven’t check out the Losing It series yet, step to it.

Rating 10/10

** I received a copy of this novel from the publisher to read and honestly review. I was in no way compensated. 

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