Rating Scale Update

I've decided to switch up the Rating Scale. Up until now it looked like this:

1/10 - Hated it.
2/10 - Really didn't like it.
3/10 - Didn't like it.
4/10 - Not my favourite.
5/10 - Somewhat liked it.
6/10 - Liked it.
7/10 - Liked it a lot.
8/10 - Really liked it.
9/10 - Loved it.
10/10 - Absolutely LOVED it.

I just found I had given myself too many options, so from now on it will look like this:

5/5 - I Was Blown Away
4/5 - I Really Really Liked It
3/5 - I Liked It
2/5 - Not Horrible, But Not My Favourite
1/5 - Really Didn't Like It

Hopefully that makes the ratings easier to follow! Everything that I have reviewed up to this point will stay with the old Rating Scale, just because I don't think it is fair to re-judge/rate the books.

Happy Reading Everyone!

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