Hello Everyone,

I thought I would send out a personal update with new changes/ things going on with the blog.

The first major change should be fairly obvious when you first visit the site - I have a completely new header/avatar thanks to my friend Avery from Avery's Blog Designs! I absolutely love it! Thanks Avery!

The second change is that blogger has a bug and apparently text can't be edited. So, I'm not currently able to edit the 'Books I've Read in 2013' list or the what I'm 'Currently Reading' section. If you want an up to date list, or more info on what I'm reading, you can also follow my GoodreadsTwitter, and/or Facebook pages. You can do that anytime - but right now they'll be much more accurate than the blog. I have also added the Follow option on the blog through Google Friend Connect. So, basically you have a billion choices now about how you want to be updated!

Next month I'm heading to two different conferences/ meetings. The first is through work and it's all about matching readers with books based on their interests, which I am extremely excited about. Talking to people about why they like something and finding them new things to read one of my absolute favourite parts of being a Librarian, so you can always feel free to email me/ comment on a post for book suggestions. I live for that kind of thing! The second meeting I'm heading to is the Ontario Blog Squad meet-up. We get to talk books, meet authors, and have lunch together for an afternoon. It's a book blogger and book lovers mecca. This is my first year going and I can't wait! I'll be sure to update everyone on the meetings (and I'll especially share all of the book info I pull out of people in the know)!

As always please feel free to comment on posts or email me with your thoughts and comments about my reviews. I love hearing from you!

Until next time - happy reading everybody!

- Laura (aka An Adult Teen Reader)

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